OP8 Eurabia x KLUBB22


Middle Eastern Club Night

26.11.2022 / 22:00 - 03:00

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Connecting genres and cultures, OP8 Eurabia disrupts conventional practices within arts, culture work and music.

Our ambition is to 

shape, co-create, and embody a truly globalised cultural experience. Introducing for example Moroccan jajouka music, Arabic pop, and Sufi trance and melting movements and sounds, we expand the culture scene in Denmark together with upcoming and established artists, venue workers, and audiences.

With KLUB22, OP8 Eurabia opens the door to the Arabic & Middle Eastern worlds through music - and you are invited!

Join us for a mesmerizing evening with DJs, dope dancing & traditional dishes.

Lineup: Stay tuned for artist lineup


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We carry out our work by cultivating and supporting local cohesion through World Goal 8.3 and therefore support development-oriented initiatives that promote productive activities, create decent jobs, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, education and training.