Horse Lords

Horse Lords make music for the liberation of mind and body.

09.11.2022 / 19:30 


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Horse Lords are back with their fifth album 'Comradely Objects', a frenetic pursuit of a unified musical and political vision. The band's fifth album documents not a new utopia, but a portrait of ongoing revolution.

On the first single from album 'Comradely Objects', Horse Lords cut the tape in a new polyrhythmic way, combining guitarist Owen Gardner's spidery twang and tremolo-like pulses with the Salsero/Madchester piano. Together, it creates a rhapsodic vortex that invites celebration.

The band's second single 'Mess Mend' is an example of the new compositional directions, where the band tries to make a possibility out of the impossible. Instead of making the track fully during rehearsal, 'Mess Men' was created and recreated in the process of recording and mixing. The track is thus a tribute to rave culture's 'second summer of love'.