KLUB22 & Kulbroen presents:



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Kulbroen Connections is a two day free festival - connecting people through art, music, educational spaces, food and so much more.

Part one will take place at Kulbroen, whereas part two will be held inside in the fall at our very own KLUB22.
We will host an amazing afterparty with our very first international booking. Please welcome Simon Dremon all the way from Munich.
Closing the night off on a high note we present a back to back set with two VVE legends combined with a live VJ set. 


00:00 - 02:30


As a DJ Simon Dremon persuades with his well selected tunes. His sets are covering a wide range of funky, groovy and melodic sounds, which he arranges in impelling and captivating moments.As an essential part of the Feta Records family, he is producing and playing music with heart and soul.


02:30 - 04:30


(Back to Back) + Live VJ set from QT Carter

Through a blend of afro techno and Afro house, Namdori uses her favourite  tunes to immerse you and get the floor moving.

Jaquita is an avid lover of  house music but is currently feeling the sunny  upbeat vibes so will be presenting a  vocal breezy house set before taking us back to the classic old school house tunes that ignited her passion for the genre.

This B2B set is backed up by live visuals produced by QT Carter!